Pattaya Mail receives ‘Best in East’ newspaper of the year


On the evening of the 5th of March the governor of Chonburi Khomsan Ekachai presided over the 17th National Media Day and was joined by many representatives from organizations sponsoring the media and the media themselves at Taihee restaurant in Chonburi

The president of the Eastern Media Association of Thailand Mr. Phadungsak Tantraworasilp welcomed dignitaries and friends by thanking all the agencies that have supported the media and promised to continue to deliver a high quality of work to its readers.

Khomsan Ekachai said that today, the media has a major role in society as citizens are taking a much keener interest in media and in some cases they have become somewhat addicted to it.

He asked that the media for the eastern region continue creating, supporting and sponsoring Chonburi in its financial development thereby giving stability and strength followed by national development. He also hoped that the media and the government will work together and open opportunities for our nation to that is can continue developing.

During the evening there were many awards for various categories of the media, including public and private sectors.

Pattaya Mail and the Pattaya Blatt won the best media award for another year for being the first English and German language newspapers in Pattaya City and has been serving the community for more than 19 years, showing its strength for delivering quality news through print and television, with the best sales in Pattaya City.

Thailand’s National Media Day falls on every 5th March, the day that which is the day that the Thai Journalists Association was founded.