Park chief asks for cooperation from tourists


The chief of the Doi Inthanon National Park has asked for cooperation from tourists to not perching on the wood fence overlooking a valley for photos at Kew Mae Pan scenic spot.


The park chief, Rung Hirunwong, also sought cooperation from local tourists to strictly abide by the warning sign at this spot.

The call for cooperation to respect the park’s rules came after park officials were called in for a meeting to discuss the security measure at the park, particularly at Kew Mae Pan after a Pantip user, “Somewhere Someone” posted photos of his own perching on the wood fence overlooking the stunning valley view.

The post drew mixed reactions from viewers. Some slammed the poster for breaking the park rules saying there are signs forbidding the climbing on the wood fence as it is dangerous and the fence is unstable.

But many also posted their own pictures perching on the wood fence, ignoring the rules.

After the meeting the park chief then reiterated the strict enforcement of the rules and asked for cooperation from tourists visiting the Kew Mae Pan scenic spot to follow the rules strictly for their own safety.

He also warned local tourists to advise their tour groups to behave properly at all nature trails in the park.