Parade of boats commemorates King Taksin the Great


Chonburi – A fleet of boats commemorating the journey of King Taksin the Great to claim independence for Thailand, has arrived in Chonburi province.

Carrying the statute of King Taksin, the fleet left Chantaburi province last Wednesday to mark the great monarch’s journey to reclaim the Kingdom’s independence two centuries ago.

Consisting of the HTMS Ang Thong and 20 other boats, the fleet made its first stop in Rayong province before arriving at the Royal Thai Navy Seal Station in Sattahip district of Chonburi on Sunday.

A grand ceremony was held to welcome his statue and honor his victory. Local residents and soldiers wearing ancient military uniforms were seen at the ceremonial ground.

According to the history of Thailand, King Taksin the Great and his troops stayed in Sattahip district for a brief period during his journey to Ayutthaya to regain independence.