Owners urged to take pets for rabies vaccination in wake of recent death


NONTHABURI – Pet owners are urged to take their pets to undergo rabies vaccination, after a person has died due to a rabies infection, says DDS chief.

The Department of Disease Control’s (DDS) Director-General Amnuay Gajeena is warning the general public to be cautious for the spread of rabies. This warning follows a fatality case, where a person was infected and died due to rabies. The deceased rescued a puppy and was bitten.

Seven cases of rabies were reported last week, including two cases in humans and five cases in animals. Owners of cats and dogs are encouraged to take their pets to undergo vaccination on an annual basis, while the general public are advised to stay away from animals that exhibit suspicious appearances, and to report the cases to authorities.

The general public are also advised to immediately wash the wound with water and soap for at least 15 minutes if bitten by dogs or cats, avoid covering the wound, and immediately seek medical attention.

Rabies is a disease with a high fatality rate if contracted to persons without proper vaccination. The general public can inquire information regarding this disease by calling the DDS hotline 1422.