National Vaccine Institute calls for consolidation of research for dengue vaccine


BANGKOK, 22 February 2016 – The National Vaccine Institute (NVI) has urged the government to support Thai researchers in developing a dengue fever vaccine after one was created in Mexico. 

NVI Director Dr. Jarung Muangchana, disclosed that a private company in Mexico has produced the world’s first vaccine for dengue fever, dubbed Dengvaxia. The solution has already been introduced to the market despite not completely preventing against the illness, only reducing its severity. Dr. Jarung noted that Thailand is also researching the disease and that finding a vaccine against it is a national policy.

The director has urged the government to consolidate efforts by Mahidol University, Chiang Mai University, Chulalongkorn University and various agencies to expedite the search for a vaccine. NVI has formed a working team to review all related aspects of the disease and its treatment, such as costs related to those affected, efficiency of preventative measures and the likelihood of administering vaccinations.

The preliminary vaccination created by Mexico has yet to enter the Thai market as it is being reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. NVI predicts that its review will take longer than usual due to the solution’s rudimentary status.