Opposition plans censure debate against government


BANGKOK, June 21 – Opposition Democrat party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva on Thursday said that his party would promptly submit a censure motion against the government once Parliament reconvenes.

Mr Abhisit said that his party was collecting information on the government’s alleged inefficiency and corruption but the party remains undecided which ministers would be grilled.

“We are concerned over the government’s work in three areas — failure to achieve its campaign pledges, readiness to handle the fluctuation of global economy while its natural disaster management is still in question,” the former premier said.

Moreover, Mr Abhisit said, the government also raised sensitive issues that would benefit only a certain group of people but could lead to a social rift and eventually affect the whole country, including the economy.

Once Parliament reconvenes, the Democrats will file a no confidence motion against the government, he said.

Parliament ended its current session on June 19 and is expected to reconvene in August.