Officials rescue wildlife from illegal trading ring


CHACHOENGSAO, 24 Dec 2014 – Chachoengsao Provincial Police have rescued more than 800 wild turtles and snakes from the local Bangkhla Plaza Market.

Director of the 2nd Wildlife Protected Area Regional Office, Yuu Senatham, and Bangkhla police officials today inspected a building at the address of 36/45 in Bangkhla Plaza Market, after being informed that the venue was engaged in an illegal wildlife trading.

Upon the inspection, the officials discovered that the building contains 717 wild turtles, 29 Burmese pythons, and 35 reticulated pythons. The police arrested the owner, Attaporn Dullayapaisan, for trading wildlife without an appropriate license.

According to the officials, those engaged in such illegal trade are subjected to imprisonment of no more than 4 years and a fine of no more than 40,000 baht. The authorities are sending the confiscated turtles to Bang Phra Siracha Wildlife Station in Chonburi Province while the snakes are to be delivered to Khao Son Wildlife Station in Ratchaburi Province.