Officials raise security measure to highest level after bomb goes off at Big C Pattani


SONGKHLA – Security officials have raised the security measure to the highest level in Hat Yai district, Songkhla province, in response to the car bomb incident at Big C Pattani.

Explosive detectors will be deployed to scan all commercial areas in the Hat Yai city center, especially the Plaza market, Kim Yong market, and Santisuk market in order to detect suspicious vehicles and objects.

Authorities are also asking all shop owners and operators to be on alert for suspicious activity and to help officials maintain safety in Hat Yai city. The general public are to immediately notify authorities if suspicious vehicles or objects are found. Officials will be ensuring that the CCTVs in the area are in good condition.

The same measures will be applied to risk areas in Songkhla province, including the Sadao, Thepa, Nathawee, and Saba Yoi districts, as security measures have been heightened until the Ramadan period later this month.