Officials inspect vegetable vendors, prevent unfair trading


BANGKOK, 23 February 2015,  The Department of Internal Trade (DIT) has revealed that the prices of vegetables are expected to climb in the coming months.

The DIT said that its officials will be dispatched to inspect marketplaces due to reports of unfair pricing. The department has also planned to collaborate with vendors to regulate the sales of produce across different venues, in order to stabilize prices.

The DIT revealed that several vegetable items were sold in Bangkok for higher prices during the Chinese New Year celebrations last week. The regulatory agency claimed that prices would return to normal this week, save for drought-affected produce such as lime.

The DIT also expected palm oil prices to hold at current levels, despite the Kingdom beginning to import raw palm oil from abroad. The department said the current price of raw palm oil hovers between 5.9 – 6 baht per kilogram.

Meanwhile, the department has assured food security nationwide, due to the introduction of new farmlands in Nakhon Ratchasima, Suphanburi and Angthong provinces.