Officials deliver Bike for Mom gifts, PRD meets on broadcasting coverage


BANGKOK, 6 August 2015,  Minister of Interior General Anupong Paochinda yesterday at the Dusit Palace Plaza sent off a caravan of trucks carrying royally bestowed Bike For Mom gifts to remote provinces.

A total of 76,000 commemorative shirts, 228,000 bottles of drinking water and 178,863 commemorative pins will be distributed to 76 remote provinces for registered cyclists. Staff members in each province will be allocated 300 shirts for the event.

Each provincial office will hold a ceremony to hand out the pins and shirts to registered cyclists on August 12, the national Mother’s Day. The bottles of drinking water will be distributed to the participants at the event on August 16.

Meanwhile, PRD Director General Apinan Juntarungsri yesterday chaired a meeting on media coverage for the Bike For Mom event with Thai TV Pool, after attending a ceremony to receive the commemorative pins from the Royal Household. Each provincial public relations office will receive 500 pins.

The meeting also drew up measures to facilitate the crew of the Guinness World Record.