Officials arrest up to 88 illegal Karen-Myanmar immigrants


BANGKOK, 1 May 2011 (NNT)- Pol.Col. Dechchart Wattanapanom, Director of the Mae Sot police station of Tak province, appointed officials to arrest illegal Karen- Myanmar immigrants who attempts to sneak into Thailand illegally through the forest areas of Mae Sot district.

Currently, the police had arrested 88 Karen-Myanmar immigrants , 65 males and 23 females. These workers were claimed to attempt to cross into Thailand at the borders of Mae Sot province during the National Labor Day. From the investigation, the immigrants had brought along supplies such as instant noodles, canned tuna and toothpaste. Officials have sent the arrested immigrants back to the Tak district border police in order to repatriate them across the border.

In addition, further Intelligence reports from officials suggested that the immigrants had started their journey from the Myawaddy Province in Myanmar and had travelled on foot through the forests and hills along the border and had managed to arrive in Bangkok. These workers are linked with a Myanmar agent who dispatches immigrants to Thai employers when needed.