NSC sec-gen disappointed for being victim of political abuse


BANGKOK, 7 September 2011  – Mr Tawin Pleansri has expressed his disappointment for being removed from the post of secretary-general to the National Security Council (NSC) to be an advisor to the prime minister. He has announced that he will fight for justice.

Speaking in a press briefing on Wednesday, the embattled secretary-general announced that he would file a complaint to the Merit System Protection Commission (MSPC) of the Office of The Civil Service Commission upon the transfer order which he deemed it unfair.

Mr Tawin stated that it was sad that his position, which he values as a great honour, was used on political purpose with prejudice and abuse of authority. He then expressed his disappointment with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra for not protecting him as the direct supervisor.

The prime minister’s advisor-to-be added that he did not intend to set an example for other government officials. He said he lodged the complaint to the MSPC to defend his honour because he thought that it was not right for government officials to endure every result of a political change.

Mr Tawin nonetheless noted that he would report himself upon his appointment as advisor to the prime minister. He also apologised media members for not picking up their phone calls so far before the press briefing today.

Mr Tawin was appointed NSC secretary-general by the Democrat-led government. He had been working in the NSC in many positions.