Beach reclamation


Dear Sir,

In the recent past I worked in Sattahip and lived in Pattaya for about three years.  Following, I am regularly spending in Pattaya quite a lot of my free time; hence I am very familiar with this city and its problems. One of the latter is the very narrow beach along Pattaya bay.

I am really surprised about the fact that so far I have never heard talking about “beach reclamation”. With a very well consolidated technique it is possible to “pump” sand from the sea bed and create a wide fantastic beach that can be protected and maintained through a breakwater system (properly sized and oriented rock small dams).

Yes, it is expensive but the cost would be nothing compared to the income of tourism flow boost; which would be the natural consequence of this beach condition improvement (just consider the big business of regular night Rave Parties and…)

Please don’t misunderstand … I don’t want to “change the world” neither do I want to blame someone.

I wonder if in the past this beach reclamation possibility has been already taken into consideration and discarded for some technical or economical reason.

Thanks for the attention.


Emilio Bonzani