NRC’S Pisit Leeatham urges for independence of Social Security Office


BANGKOK, 29 October 2014 – A member of the National Reform Council on economic affairs has urged the Social Security Office to be made an independent body and free from government interference.

Mr. Pisit Leeatham, an NRC member on economic affairs and former deputy finance minister, joined a seminar on Thailand’s social security reform, where he commented that the social security system is one of the targets of the reform master plan under the current administration.

He said that the operations of the Social Security Office should be free from government interference, be transparent and be open for investigation like in Sweden where Thailand has adopted the system from.

The National Legislative Assembly is scheduled to debate a draft law on social security on Thursday. Mr. Pisit said that even if the draft is passed by the NLA, the National Reform Council will still be doing its job in vetting all laws related to the reform efforts.