NRC spokesman: Setting up a new council to drive the reform process, an initiative that needs further debate


BANGKOK, 23 June 2015 – The spokesman of the National Reform Council maintains that a proposal to set up a new body to carry on the reform process is a new idea that needs further debate before implementation.

NRC spokesman Kamnoon Sidhisamarn said on Monday that the government’s proposal to amend the Provisional Constitution to disband the reform council and set up a new body tasked to drive forward national reform measures, is a new idea that has never been discussed before.

Mr. Kamnoon stated that such an idea needs to be worked through in order to make sure that it wouldn’t overlap with a body already being established under the new Constitution; one that is still in the drafting process.

This is because the names of both councils are similar but the number of the members would increase from 120 to 200 while the term in office would likely be different, he added.

The NRC spokesman went on to say that the new council recently suggested by the government would likely stay in effect for one year or until a new government is founded, while the one already included in the draft charter is to have a five-year term.