NRC’s public administration committee to propose new national strategies for draft charter


BANGKOK, 23 June 2015 – The National Reform Council’s public administration committee is planning to propose a set of national strategies to be included in the draft charter in the hope of helping the country achieve sustainable development.

The Chairman of the NRC’s public administration committee Thirayuth Lorlertratna said on Monday that the committee will submit to the main council meeting a proposal to make a national reform strategy a part of the reform process which should be included in the draft Constitution.

Mr. Thirayuth said that such a move would enable the preparation of a master plan to guide the direction of the country’s development in many respects, whereas none of Thailand’s 19 previous charters ever included these details.

He stated that the provision means an organic law could be enacted and put into effect for 20 years, starting from the day a public hearing was held.

Mr. Thirayuth added that, with an academic analysis, a series of individual five-year development plans addressing different areas, including military security, politics and economics, could be implemented with the participation of all related parties.

He concluded that drawing up a clear framework for the preparation of national strategies and the implementation of all steps would effectively allow for the long-term planning of Thailand’s future.