MOAC suggests ongoing suspension of rain-fed rice cultivation


BANGKOK, 22 June 2015 – Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Pitipong Puengbun na Ayuddhya has once again called for cooperation from farmers to suspend rice planting on two million rai of agricultural land until normal rainfall comes in July.

However, he said , the government will provide full assistance including irrigated water supply to about four million rai of land in the Chao Phraya Basin already filled with rice seedlings.

Mr.Pitipong emphasized that if the drought disaster remains stern or getting worse, the ministry suggested that farmers grow alternative short-lived plants which consume less water such as vegetables and corns. He also suggested livestock raising like laying hen breeding as another alternative for farmers in the drought-affected areas.

The minister said he would propose a package of measures to assist and support farmers during the drought disaster to the economic cabinet meeting next week.