NRC sittings during Dec 15-17 will likely debate election of prime minister: spokesman


BANGKOK, 15 December 2014 – The spokesman of the National Reform Council expects deliberation during Dec 15-17 will spend considerable amount of time on the election of the prime minister.

NRC spokesman Wanchai Sornsiri said that the upcoming sittings will start with the presentation of opinions and views of all 18 NRC committees.

According to the agenda, seven committees will get to present their opinions on Monday with seven others to take the floor on Tuesday. During these days, all NRC members will be invited to share their ideas on any proposals as well, said Mr. Wanchai.

On the last day of the sittings, four committees will be invited to make their presentations, of which contents have already attracted an exceptional requests from a lot of NRC members to debate their proposals.

Mr. Wanchai added that the topic that will draw the most attention is the proposed direct election of the prime minister and the Cabinet because it is a very new idea that has raised a question as to how much power this approach will grant to the elected lawmakers and how to maintain the system of checks and balances.