NRC reaches conclusion for its seminar on Thailand’s future


BANGKOK, 11 November 2014 – After two days of seminar, the National Reform Council has come up with a set of conclusions on how it plans for the future of Thailand.

NRC President Tienchay Kiranant on Monday joined his deputy Tassana Boontong in chairing a news conference to summarise topics of discussion during the past two days of seminar.

Mr. Tienchay said that the NRC agreed it is important for Thailand, in 20 years from now, to see less of social inequality and more of people being able to have access to education and natural resources.

Other points the reform council wishes to see is Thais who are more knowledgeable and high in ethics and discipline, as well as a strong and fair capital system equipped with a level ground for competition and socially and environmentally friendly.

In terms of public administration, the NRC is looking for more decentralisation and truly just legal system that effectively eliminates corruption.

Mr. Tienchay noted that all of these points will be the guidance for all NRC committees to adopt and expand while carrying out their reform works