NRC President unveils new website to facilitate direct communication with public


BANGKOK, 19 May 2015 – The President of the National Reform Council has unveiled a new website that has been designed to help facilitate direct communication between the reform council and the public.

NRC President Thienchay Kiranandt along with his vice president Tassana Boontong and chairwoman of the reform public relations committee On-usa Lamliengpol, chairwoman of the subcommittee on internal communications and image promotion Pattareeya Sumano, and some of the council members yesterday joined in a news conference on the introduction of a new website called “Siang Pa-ti-roop”or Voice of Reform.

The new website is hoped to help promote among the public the works and the achievements of the NRC.

According to Mr. Thienchay, the newly-introduced website is a new PR engine of the reform council, which has been created by the subcommittee on internal communications and image promotion.

This new tool was introduced after it had been found that the people were hardly aware of what the NRC had been doing, he added.