NRC President turned down rumours of conflict in setting up 18 special committees


BANGKOK, 11 November 2014 -The President of the National Reform Council denied rumours that the council’s setting up of all special committees has been filled with conflict.

On Tuesday, the NRC has completed the setting up of all 18 special committees with respective chairs and deputy chairs already selected.

Before the completion of the setting up process, NRC President Tienchai Kirananda came out to deny that there had been conflicts among council members to select all committees.

With all 18 committees in place, one member from each of them joined eight other representatives from the National Reform Council to form an NRC whip which is tasked with the responsibility to co-ordinate all the work of the council.

Mr. Tienchai added that the setting up of the 18 special committees is the start of the work to compile information and data to help plan the structure of the draft charter for the Constitutional Drafting Council.