Charter drafting committee urged to consider new incentives for “work at home” tax payers


BANGKOK, 11 November 2014 – The Constitutional Drafting Committee has been requested to consider passing a new law that will allow tax incentives for people who work at home.

CDC member Nareewan Chintakanont, who is also on the National Legislative Council, on Tuesday accepted a letter from representatives of various organisations who would like a new law that will offer tax incentives to encourage people to work at home in order to lower business costs.

Dr. Nilawan Petcharaburanin from Thailand Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, who represented the petitioning organisations, said that several studies have shown such an employment condition will not only help cut costs borne by employers but will also boost the productivity of employees.

She added that Thailand should start promoting this working condition by offering tax incentives for both employers and employees, especially with the regional integration of ASEAN Economic Community due to materialize in 2015.