NRC & NLA committees discuss strategic national development


BANGKOK, 12 June 2015 – The state affairs committees of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and the National Reform Council (NRC) have convened to discuss introducing legislation that would facilitate national development.

The two committees agreed that the new constitution should stipulate a clear strategic roadmap for national development. They noted that Sections 179 and 284 of the first draft of the new charter touched upon strategic national development, but believed they needed to be expanded.

The two committees have discussed proposing a national development act, in order to lay the strategic framework for the direction of the country’s long-term development.

The law would establish a strategic development committee that would propose measures to Parliament that would facilitate development, according to the country’s strategic development plan. These measures would serve as guiding principles to policymaking in Parliament, executive agencies and various organizations.

The act would also stipulate that the national strategic plan must take public input into consideration, as well as the NRC’s reform agendas.