NRC members begin registering


BANGKOK, Oct 8 Members of the National Reform Council (NRC), earlier endorsed by His Majesty the King, on Wednesday began registering at Parliament — the first day of registration – while it is expected that NRC chairman and vice chairman would be elected on October 21.

A total of 250 members of the NRC were appointed by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).

Deputy Prime Minister Yongyuth Yuthavong has said the NRC plans to promote reducing corruption, educational reform, and justice promotion and form a constitution-drafting assembly and its work must take shape in six months to bring the country back to its normal situation.

Charae Panpruang, secretary-general of the Secretariat of the House of Representatives, said he expected the first NRC meeting to be held October 21 with the members electing the chairman and vice chairman on that day.

Fifteen days after the first meeting, he said, a constitution drafting committee is expected to be appointed and outsiders will be allowed to join the committee.

Chai-anan Samudavanija, considered as one of the frontrunners to be appointed as NRC chairman, opined that he is prepared to work in the position if nominated by NRC members. However, he said it would be difficult to complete the task on political reform within one year but guidelines for reforming the country could be completed.

Alongkorn Ponlaboot, deputy leader of Democrat Party and a member of NRC, said he would use his political experience in urging every political party to participate in reforming the country  — a major goal of NCPO.

Mr Alongkorn also agreed that a period of one year may not be enough for NRC members to provide reform for the country, but blueprint can be made for the next elected government  to finish the entire task.

Asked whether Borwornsak Uwanno, legal expert and secretary-general of the King Prajadhipok’s Institute, also considered as a frontrunner for the NRC chairman’s position is suitable for the post, Mr Alongkorn said the NRC members have not yet discussed the matter.