NRC hears report on consumer protection reform


BANGKOK, 29 July 2015 – The National Reform Council (NRC) committee on consumer protection reform has delivered its report on raising the standards of Thailand’s consumer protection policies. 

The committee’s main topics included reforming consumer protection agencies, policies dealing with products deemed unsafe for consumers, policies dealing with accountability for faulty products, reforming consumer protection in the media and information consumption, and policies dealing with those who have been affected by public services.

To reform consumer protection agencies, the committee proposed legislation on independent organizations to ensure adequate consumer protection.

To reform the country’s consumer protection information system, the committee has proposed legislation that would warn the public of unsafe products or product handling.

To reform the country’s compensation system, the committee proposed legislation on responsibility and compensation for products damaged during a transaction.

To compensate those who have been negatively affected by public services, the committee proposed legislation on compensation for those affected, legislation on the national health insurance scheme and social security.