Nong Khai cricket raisers resume occupation as rain cools down weather


NONG KHAI 22 July 2015 – Locals in Nong Khai have resumed their cricket farming occupation, as the rainy season finally sets in and the weather cools down.

Cricket raisers in Nong Khai had to temporarily halt their operations after the intense heat during the summer killed off most of their crickets. Phien Bandit, one of the local cricket raisers, said the temperature is now about right and this has made it easier to rear the crickets. He noted that although fans were used for ventilation of the raising areas during the summer, the death rate of crickets was still high and many raisers suffered losses.

Mr. Phien added that extremely cold weather was also not ideal for cricket raising, as it would result in the crickets feeding less. In very cold weather, the rearing period for crickets increases from 45 days to between 80 and 90 days. It also affects the breeding of cricket