No Thais harmed by riots in England


BANGKOK, 9 August 2011– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that no Thai people have been killed or injured in the riots in England, which have been going on since Saturday and spread to other cities outside London. 

Information Department Director-General and Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Thani Thongphakdi reported that there are about 50,000 Thai people in England, and 10,000 of them are in London alone; however, he said no injuries among Thai people were reported from the situation.

Mr Thani noted that the Thai embassy in the United Kingdom has been reporting the situation back to Thailand around the clock while Thai communities in England are informed to be cautious. He said Thai people living in England are told not to enter the riot zones.

The spokesperson personally estimated that the situation in England will be restored to normalcy very soon and will not be exacerbated to become as violent as countries in the Middle East.

Anyone with family members residing in England can dial 44-791 8651720 and 44-207 5892944 for further enquiries on the situation or monitor the situation via the website of the Thai embassy in England.

It has been reported that the riot is spreading from London to other cities, including Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham and Liverpool. At least 450 people have been arrested following the riots across London over the past three days alone.