Bangkok Poll asks youth if their mothers were PMs


BANGKOK, 9 August 2011 – Mothers would be asked by their children to think of common benefits and be honest if they were a prime minister, according to a recent survey by the Bangkok University Research Institute (Bangkok Poll).

The survey was conducted with 1,060 youngsters aged 15 – 25 in Bangkok asking what they wanted to tell their mothers upon the National Mother’s Day. The respondents were asked without given choices of answers what they wanted their mothers to do for the nation if they were a prime minister.

22.2% of the respondents wanted their mothers to think of common benefits and be honest. 16.7% wanted their mother to solve the cost of living problem and reduce prices of necessities while 15.7% wished they would help restore reconciliation in the nation.

The characters of mothers that youngsters would copy most as models in their life were diligence and patience at 44.9%, followed by economical spending at 18.1%, as well as being honest and ethical at 11.5%.

Asked what they would promise to their mothers upon this year’s Mother’s Day, the respondents wanted to be good children at 44.8%, followed by paying attention to studies or work at 34.1%, taking care of their mothers and working hard so their mothers could live more comfortably at 10.5%.

Asked how they would do to help their mothers, the majority of the respondents or 72.5% promised they would save more and would not spend recklessly. 15.9% would find part-time jobs to pose less financial burden to mothers, and 6% would save for what they wanted to buy by themselves.

Asked what they would pray for their mothers on the National Mother’s Day, the majority of the respondents or 54.8% said they would wish their mothers good health, followed by longevity at 21.5% and happiness at 15%.