NLA vice president: Reform council member selection has not been pre-determined


BANGKOK, 22 September 2014 A vice president of the National Legislative Assembly has assured that the selection of the reform council members has not been pre-determined while the disclosure of the names of the candidates is up to the National Council for Peace and Order.

According to NLA first vice president Surachai Liangboonlertchai, the names of 50 National Reform Council candidates, who represent the political section, have already been submitted to the National Council for Peace and Order who will make another round of selection.

Mr. Surachai added that it will depend on the NCPO to decide if they will disclose to the public who they decide to select.

He added that while the disclosure will show the transparency of the selection process, it may lead those who have passed the first round of selection to try to lobby for a seat on the council. So, personally, he does not want the NCPO to reveal their decision until the entire process is completed.

Mr. Surachai has assured that the 250-member NRC selection is not pre-determined as the process utilises the secret ballots to choose candidates from various professions, who are experienced and respected in their respective fields.