Newly established Airsport Federation of Asia elects its first president


BANGKOK – The Airsport Federation of Asia has been established, with its headquarters based in Thailand and Group Captain Veerayuth Didyasarin elected as its first President.

The organization was established during its inaugural meeting, hosted by the Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand. The meeting also elected its first president, where Group Captain Veerayuth received the majority of votes from member nations of the federation, namely Lao PDR, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan.

Group Captain Veerayuth plans to elevate aeronautic sports to the Asian and global levels, aiming to include them into such competitions as the 2016 Asian Beach Games in Vietnam, 2017 SEA Games in Malaysia, 2018 SEA Games in Indonesia, and most importantly, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. The Group Captain would persuade SEA Games and Olympic officials to include aeronautic sports in their respective constitutions.

He said local aeronautic athletes would have more opportunity to improve their skills, thanks to the establishment of the federation’s center in Thailand.

Aeronautic sports include paragliding, paramotoring, and parachuting, to name a few.