Ministry of Culture to organize Loy Kratong Festival


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Culture and several other agencies will jointly organize Loy Kratong festival on November 25.

Culture Minister Weera Rojpotchanarat said those agencies which will organize the yearly floats festival include the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, the Ministry of the Interior, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning, the Royal Thai Police and Public Relations Department and the Ministry of Culture. 

The festival will focus on the preserving of the Thai culture, rivers, canals and Thainess while people will be suggested to use biodegradable objects used as materials for the making of Kratong floats, preserve the Thai culture, dress decently and refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, playing with fireworks or releasing lanterns in risk areas.

There will be more buses, trains and flights provided for the festival-goers. Such plans for the organizing of Loy Kratong are yet to be submitted to the cabinet for approval on November 17.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Department will also organize Loy Kratong Festival which members of the public are invited to join from November 23 until November 25 with a focus on creating Thai values.

A Music in the Garden Concert and traditional and cultural shows including a Loy Kratong parade with over 500 people will be performed on November 25.