New policies introduced by the MOI to eradicate drug abuse


The Office of Narcotics Control Bureau (ONCB) has assigned the Interior Minister to be responsible for controlling drug abuse therefore on the 11th of January at Ambassador City Hotel, Mr. Yongyuth Vichaidit, the deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, presided over a conference designed to manage intensive monitoring of drug issues in communities in the central and eastern regions.

He was joined by the Interior minister Phranai Suwanrat, state governors, sheriffs, provincial commissioners, public health officials, municipal mayors, presidents and senior officers of clubs and communities from 25 states participating in the conference.

This conference was called so they could discuss the obstacles they faced in 2011 and define the guidelines needed for the future.

In addition, Mr. Yongyuth Wichaidith, presented 5 policies to conference attendees.

1. The Government has ruled prevention and resolution of drug abuse a national issue and that by upholding the law, addicts will be sent for rehabilitation.

2. By creating strength in communities, the state governor will be responsible for the general image of the state and the sheriff will be responsible for their respective districts.

3. The government will rely on patriotic strength to overcome drug abuse.

4. Representatives of agencies will act quickly to reduce and finally eradicate this problem.

5. All agencies must operate to the best of their abilities in preventing, conquering, rehabilitating and monitoring the results for a successful operation therefore attaining the goals and objectives specified by the government.