New depression to bring more heavy rains


BANGKOK, 17 September 2013 More torrential rains are expected in many parts of the country during the next few days as a result of a new storm which is being formed off the coast of Vietnam. 

The Meteorological Department reported that a depression in the South China Sea is making its way towards Thailand. The depression will likely be upgraded into a tropical storm and make a landfall in central Vietnam on September 19 before entering Laos and the northeastern and eastern parts of Thailand. The system is expected to bring heavy rains to the affected regions.

Meanwhile, strong winds in the South will also generate up to 2-meter-high waves and all shipping is advised to proceed with caution. Heavy downpours over the past few days have triggered landslides and forest runoffs in many provinces, damaging houses and agricultural land.

Another forecast suggests that Tropical Storm Usagi, currently located near the Philippines, is making a landfall in Taiwan and eastern China during the upcoming weekend and Thai nationals travelling to the region are urged to closely follow weather updates. However, the storm is expected to have no impact on Thailand.