New bridge linking Lanta Noi, Lanta Yai islands now opens in Krabi


The Department of Rural Highways yesterday officially opened a new bridge that will connect Koh Lanta Noi with Koh Lanta Yai in Krabi province.

The new bridge, Siri Lanta, will facilitate travel from the mainland to tourist spots on the islands, and shorten time earlier spent on ferries.


The opening of the 450-million baht bridge was presided over by Transport Minister Arkhom Termphittaya-Paisit.

He said the construction of the bridge solves a number of problems that has plagued the area such as the limited number of ferries which operates from only 6.00 am – 10.00 pm between islands.

Besides, local residents have to queue for a long time before getting themselves and their vehicles on board ferries which adds a substantial amount of time for travelling.

It is further complicated during the tourist season with the huge number of tourists adding to the delay.


This fact singularly undermines life-and-death matters such as transporting critically ill patients to hospitals.

A further concern is the severe impact on the environment in the form of water pollution from oil slicks and refuse which are dumped from these ferries.

Meanwhile Mr Phisak Jitwiriya-Wasin, the director-general of the Department of Rural Highways, stated that the bridge itself is 650 meters in length. Roads facilitating the bridge stretch 750 meters and the entire project will greatly ease travel for locals as well as visitors to these islands.

He added that great savings in term of fuel and transportation cost would be saved.