Net Closes on Gunmen at Political Rally


Police have been following up the shooting that wounded a security guard at a recent Red Shirt political gathering near the entrance of Soi Khao Talo on Sukhumvit HW, Jomtien.

Last Friday Pattaya and Jomtien police officers met for an hour and had not yet confirmed the shooters’ identity.

They believe the gunman might be involved with political dispute or it could be a personal vengeance.

Police issue a sketch of the gunmanPolice issue a sketch of the gunman

CCTV installed on the Sukhumvit Highway near the gathering was not operational at the time but the next one set up about 400 meters away could capture only vague images of 2 Thai men aged between 20-30 who were riding on a Yamaha Fino motorbike and were not wearing helmets.

Police gathered evidence from witnesses and sketched out faces of the suspects to search for the shooters.

Net Closes on Gunmen at Political Rally