NECTEC launches network-monitoring software


BANGKOK, 8 September 2011  – The National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (NECTEC) has launched ‘Netham’, a new system to monitor, inspect and detect any failure in the internet network connection.

The ‘Netham’ or Network Health Analysis and Monitoring programme can monitor the internet network, track the operation to analyse any error in the internet system and efficiently detect any virus trying to intrude or attack the network.

Network connection and status of each device will be displayed in graphics. Administrators hence can locate any problematic spot immediately while technicians will be able to solve the problem at once. This can help reduce internet network failure by 90% and save cost from importing software.

According to NECTEC Director Dr Pansak Siriruchatapong, at present there are over 800 agencies in Thailand using Netham in their organisations, and the performance of the programme so far has been satisfactory.

The NECTEC therefore will develop the programme to be more efficient in virus protection, enhance software quality to be similar to international ones and make it a commercially exportable product. The programme is now opened for free download at