NCPO may reinstate curfew in certain areas


BANGKOK, June 14 — The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) may reinstate curfew in certain areas of Thailand which it considers under threat for the sake of national security, said NCPO deputy  spokeswoman Patamaporn Ratanadilok Na Phuket on Saturday.

Ms Patamaporn explained that the curfew, imposed by NCPO from midnight to 4am daily in almost every province, was lifted by NCPO late on Friday after security and administrative officers agreed that the overall situation in the country had started returning to normal and there were “no signs of resistance against NCPO.”

NCPO wanted to build a positive atmosphere and to also boost tourism,  so that was why it decided to lift the curfew, she said.

But martial law which has been imposed since May 20, two days before the military coup, is still in effect nationwide, said Ms Patamaporn.

It was noted that the number of reported crimes had reduced noticeably during the imposition of curfew, she said, adding that good deeds should continue in order to make the country a pleasant place to live.