Navy to send water-pushing machines to needy areas


BANGKOK, 21 September 2012  – The Royal Thai Navy is accelerating the construction of water-pushing machines to be dispatched to flood-prone areas. The machines are expected to be completed by the end of this month.

Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Surasak Runruengrom said the water-pushing machines would be used to speed up drainage of more flood water expected this year. So far, the construction has progressed by more than 70% of the received budget. The completed machines will be gradually sent to the areas which have asked for them. The machines help force the water to the desired direction, the Navy chief said.

As for Bangkok, Admiral Surasak said the situation still has nothing to worry. The navy will this week dredge canals in its compounds, making them ready to drain flood water faster when the situation calls for.

Admiral Surasak confirmed the navy has been assigned to take care of the areas surrounding Siriraj Hospital and it will continue protecting the areas as well as nearby communities.