BMA to work with Royal Irrigation Dept on drainage works in overlapping areas


BANGKOK, 22 September 2012  – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is now discussing with the Royal Irrigation Department about the drainage works in the areas where their jurisdiction overlaps. 

Deputy Bangkok Governor Vallop Suwandee said that the BMA and the Royal Irrigation Department have been discussing their areas of responsibility related to the drainage works.

Mr. Vallop stated that both offices have collaborated well in the water and flood management, especially after recent flooding in the capital.

He said that the Royal Irrigation Department has been pushing excess water mass out of Bangkok through the Bang Pakong River to the Gulf of Thailand.

Moreover, the Royal Irrigation Department has been busy installing 12 water-flow push machines across the Thai capital, which are intended to help drain as much as 20 million cubic meters of water each day.

In addition, all water pumping stations have also been fully activated to help lower the water level in various canals while officials have been keeping a close watch on the situation around the clock.

When asked about doubts over the efficiency of the giant tunnels in the city, Mr. Vallop said that the distance that water has to travel and garbage, which has been blocking the sewerage system, have affected the speed that excess water could be drained out.

In any case, the Department of Sewerage and Drainage is planning to expand the size of the giant tunnels by at least 30 percent to help speed up the drainage works.