Nature unveils beauty secret


Teaching at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang’s Faculty of Architecture, Assoc Prof Ariya Kitticharoenwiwat used his more than two decades of experience in creating attractive artwork in new and different forms.  

‘Secret Natural’ Art Exhibition by Prof Ariya presents sculptural art created from stainless steel and titanium. The exhibition depicts nature’s prosperity and the inseparable connection between nature and life. Traces of living creatures such as lotuses portray beautiful forms which nature produces.

“Nature hides what’s interesting within it. Interesting stuff is sometimes hidden, not showing itself to us. Therefore, when searching for nature’s beauty or its story, one needs to be close to it in order to study what detail or beauty is hidden inside, apart from looking at it at first sight. That’s become my inspiration that the nature we see is secret and mysterious in a way that we can take out to demonstrate in sculpture,” said the artist.

This is the first masterpiece artwork that Assoc Prof Ariya himself is proud of, for it was selected to be showcased for a certain period of time at a museum in Japan.

The work is contemporary and installed in an artistic composition different than other artwork in original forms, producing charm full of dimensions of today’s contemporary art.

“I’ve seen and studied a technique of how to make titanium-coated stainless steel. The special characteristic of titanium is that it can produce various lustrous colours in the shades of green, red, violet, pink, which are also natural colours. We see that some flowers or leaves are not in one colour. They produce other colours when looked from different angles,” the arist commented.

Those interested can visit the exhibition and search for true natural beauty throug the artwork on show at ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art (Boromrachachonnanee Road) until March 2.

For further information, contact 0-2422-2092 or visit