National Police Deputy Commander gives orders on anti-human trafficking policies in Nakhon Si Thammarat


NAKHON SI THAMMARAT, 13 May 2015 – The National Police Deputy Commander has issued orders on anti-human trafficking policies in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, while following up on the situation.

Suspects believed involved in human trafficking were also handed over to face trial and charges. Police General Aek Angsananont, also deputy commander to the national police chief, has followed up on the progress of the situation and given orders concerning prevention of human trafficking and illegal fishing in police region 8. The latest concerns include the illegal trespassing of Rohingyas which led to human-trafficking stages at Kao Kaew, Padung Besar sub district, and Sadao district, Songkhla province.

The effort is in response to the government’s determined policy to show the global community Thailand’s intention to solve the problem, particularly the United States, where authorities are observing Thailand to see whether laws are in place to seriously curb trafficking, and assist Rohingya’s or not.

The deputy commander then boarded a helicopter to Kanom district to inspect the fishing pier and ask fishing operators how they conduct their operations, and inquire about the number of Myanmar workers coming from fishing boats in the Mahachai area. During the visit, the fish catch was inspected in the hold of the ship while its operations were checked and deemed legally correct.

Lastly, the deputy commander traveled to the Kanom police station to take charge of a 54 year old boat operator-owner, who is a suspect in the human trafficking case, and who is to face legal charges.