National Disaster Warning Center cautions motorists about heavy morning fog



BANGKOK, 24 February 2012  – The National Disaster Warning Center is asking motorists to be extra-careful while driving in the morning due to the presence of heavy fog.


The National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC) Director Somsak Khaosuwan said on Thursday that the south-easterly wind is now covering the lower part of Thailand’s Northeast, the central plain and the eastern seaboard.

As a result, morning fog is exceptionally heavy these days.

Therefore, the NDWC is warning the public to be more careful while driving through the mist.

Regarding recent earthquakes in various locations, particularly in Phang Nga, Mr. Somsak acknowledged that the public have been frightened and panicked by the tremors.

However, he is assuring that all the quakes have not posed any threats and remained acceptable.

The NDWC also stated that all related agencies will continue to keep a close eye on all situations and send out an alert when needed.

For the time being, as the likelihood of summer storm is increasingly high, the Center is reminding residents in the Northeast and the North to watch out for gusty wind and its impact on the structure of houses while constantly monitoring news and weather forecast as well as possible disaster warning.