Movie piracy in Thailand to be taken seriously


BANGKOK, 15 August 2011-The Economic Crime Division and the Department of Intellectual Property are asking the public for their cooperation in seeking offenders who filmed a movie in the theater. 

Police Colonel Chainarong Charoenchainao, Deputy Commander of the Economic and Cyber Crime Division said that his Division had always raised awareness of the intellectual property violation concerning pirated films.

However, since there are only a few cinemas that have cooperated with the police, only 30 cinema staffs have undergone training with the police to spot the offenders. Pol. Col. Chainarong said more public relations campaigns were needed to raise the awareness, given that a new epic film about Thai history was going to be in the movie theater in the near future.

Movie goers have been asked for their assistance to report to the police if they see anyone trying to videotape the film during the screening. Thailand is among 10 nations where movie piracy remains prevalent, according to the U.S., the notion that has tarnished the reputation of the country.

A maximum fine of 800,000 THB and a jail term of no more than 4 years will be imposed on an offender of this crime. To report the crime, call 02-237-7535 or visit for more information.