Abhisit vows to help Thais in tough time even though he is no longer PM


NAKHON SAWAN, 15 August 2011 -Former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva led a team of Democrat MPs to Nakhon Sawan province today with a truckload of relief materials for flood victims. 

Mr. Abhisit, the leader of the Democrat, said he would continue to treat the well-being of Thai people as his priority even though he was no longer the Prime Minister.

Democrat’s Deputy Leader Mr. Chamni Sakdiset, Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Nipon Boonyamanee as well as Mr. Songkran Jittisuttiphakorn and Mr. Chaiyawut Bannawat, who both serve the Party as Deputy Secretary-General, accompanied Mr. Abhisit on the trip to Ban Makluea subdistrict.

The team had traveled through Sukhothai, Phitsanulok and Phichit before arriving in Nakhon Sawan this evening. They gave away survival kits to the northern residents who have been affected by floods. They were welcomed by Nakhon Sawan’s Deputy Governor Mr. Chan Chuensiwa when they arrived at the province.

Mr. Abhisit said he had embarked on this trip as soon as he heard about the ordeal during the conference with government officials. His visit was to give moral support to people in the North and to help them get through this rough time with or without the supervision of local MPs.