Korean Drug Dealers Rounded Up In Central Pattaya Apartment



In a sting operation, police captured a 29 year old Thai drug dealer at an apartment on Pratamnak road with a quantity of the drug known as Ice


She confessed to her crime and that she purchased the drugs from another dealer and distributed it to local teenagers, beer bars, and go-go workers.

Another arrest was made at Benjapan Apartment in Soi AR central Pattaya where police rounded up a Korean tourist and confiscated a pack of Ice, and 4,000 baht in marked bank notes. Police took him up to his rented room for further evidence.

Police search the apartmentPolice search the Koreans’ apartment

Surprisingly during the search of his apartment room police were stunned to see that another Korean man and two Thai ladies were using the drugs in the other room. All were transferred to the station.