More CCTV cameras to be installed across Phi Phi Island


KRABI, 5 November 2014 – Krabi provincial authorities are quickly finishing up the process of installing CCTV cameras across Phi Phi Islands for the safety of tourists.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Danai Niyomdecha, the head of the Phi Phi Provincial Police, disclosed that about 33 CCTV cameras are to be installed across the islands in addition to the 16 original cameras already in place. The area where security is a concern is the Loh Dalam Bay, which is known for having several entertainment venues.

He also said that all the cameras would be linked to the provincial police office and the Tourism Ministry’s computer system. In addition, the CCTV cameras that are mounted on the poles will have an emergency button for tourists. Once the button is pressed, the police can immediately view footage around the area to monitor criminal activities.