MOPH: Floods affect health of nearly 30,000 people


BANGKOK, 17 August 2011 – The Ministry of Public Health has reported that nearly 30,000 flood-affected residents have fallen ill, many of whom are suffering from depression after sustaining heavy losses. 

Speaking of the assistance for flood victims in 12 provinces, Public Health Minister Witthaya Buranasiri stated that 129 mobile medical units had been dispatched to the troubled areas every day. So far, a total of 27,863 people have been found with physical illnesses, mostly athlete’s foot, while another 1,173 have been mentally affected by the disaster.

Of the latter group, 105 patients are feeling stressed; 189 are undergoing depression; and 51 others have a tendency to commit suicide. According to Mr Witthaya, special care is needed for people who are in poor mental health after they have lost their properties or family members due to the floods.

As for damages on hospitals, the Minister said none had been affected, except for Sukhothai Hospital, of which the entrance area had been inundated with floodwater. The hospital, however, can be accessed by truck and boat and is still open for medical services.