Cabinet approves government’s policy statement


BANGKOK, Aug 16 — Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s cabinet, at its weekly meeting today, approved the government’s policy statement to be delivered to Parliament, according to Secretary-General to the Cabinet Ampon Kittiampon.

Mr Ampon said the date will be set later by Parliament for the government to deliver its policy statement.

The statement would be delivered to Parliament within 15 days of the government taking office, a precondition to legalising the government’s administrative power as required by the constitution.

Mr Ampon said the policy statement comprises 35 pages, with the premier stressing major topics including His Majesty the King’s philosophy of the sufficiency economy, honesty, building a sustainable balance, fostering national reconciliation, cracking down on corruption in the public sector, suppressing illicit drugs as a national agenda, resolving violence and restoring peace in the three southernmost provinces, helping the public regarding the high cost of living amid inflation, and to revive relations with neighbouring countries.

He said the cabinet secretariat will prepare a printed copy and send it to Parliament by Friday Aug 19.

The House speaker will then set the date for the prime minister to officially deliver the government’s policy statement to Parliament, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday next week (Aug 23 or 24), before the government can officially start working.

After the delivery of the policy statement, Mr Amphon said, Prime Minister Yingluck will call a meeting of heads of government offices nationwide for a briefing on her government’s policies.

The prime minister said earlier that the country could not rely on exports alone to support the economy because of the fluctuation of the world economy. Thailand must focus more on the domestic economy by increasing incomes, reducing the cost of living, and cutting spending.