Money lender hires thugs to attack his customer


A Thai man was brutally beaten sustaining severe injuries to his head behind a restaurant in Soi Kasetsin 3 South Pattaya.

The attack happened on the 5th of September and the emergency

services tended to the 29 year old man named Suthipong

Thuanphanom before sending him to the Banglamung Hospital.

the man was attacked by four people and hit with this piece of wood.

In the house the police found a thick log that had been used to hit Mr. Suthipong’s head whilst he had been lying on the couch and there was a lot of blood in the room.

The man was able to tell the police that the culprits were one woman and three men and that they had fled into some wooded area behind his house and the police found their Honda motorbike which they had discarded at the entrance of the house.

The officers and volunteers split up to look for the culprits and were able to apprehend two of them Mr. Sharin Yordkrathok, 29, and 16 year old Mr.Unn (Mr. Sommut) who were only 500 meters away from the scene of the attack and one of them was also carrying a fake gun.

Upon interrogation Mr. Unn confessed that a money lender named

Lek had hired him and Mr. Sharin to physically hurt Suthipong as

Suthipong had borrowed thousands of baht from him without paying the interest.

He went on that Mr. Suthipong’s former employees had showed them where he lived, both men were taken into custody and the hunt is still on for the third man and the woman involved in this attack.

Money lender hires thugs to attack his customer