Mobile Blue Flag Campaign organized in Trat Province


TRAT, 5 July 2015, A mobile blue flag fair was held in Muang District of Trat Province yesterday, in which locals can purchase a number of essential items at discounted prices.

The campaign in Trat was jointly launched by the provincial administration office, the internal trade office, and the Trat Royal Thai Marine Corps.

Eggs, cooking oil, sugar and 5-kg bagged rice were on offer at 50 percent discount, whereas detergent, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, fish sauce, canned fish and instant noodle were available at 30 percent off the market price. A large number of the locals availed themselves of the offers.

According to officials, the campaign is part of the government’s efforts in assisting drought affected locals, adding that the mobile blue flag unit will also be held in 21 other sub-districts of Trat before July 23.